FIGURE 1 - 'Portrait of John peel', 1998, 280 unique CD box designs. Alan Dunn + pupils from Herder Gymnasium, Cologne.

Dead Kennedys Cocteau Twins Birthday Party X-Mal Deutschland Fini Tribe Berntholer

Developing this idea, artists Alan Dunn and Brigitte Jurack spent twelve weeks working with young people at the Internet Cafe in South Shields on the 'Dada e-mail project'.

With funding from The Customs House, a link was set up with young people in South Shields' partner city of Wuppertal in Germany.

A movement of revolt first appearing in 1915 and losing impetus by 1923

FIGURES 2+3 - beginning with traditional printmaking using wooden blocks, the young people began to experiment with word arrangements, having been introduced to original Dada images from the 1930's and the remit that they would have to learn some new German words if they were to e-mail each week's work to Wuppertal.

The name 'DADA' (French for hobby-horse) was selected at random from a dictionary and symbolised its deliberately anti-rational anti-aesthetic stance