IDENTIKIT 1999-2001

The Finalists - Sam Suger (left) and Toxi Turner

...and some runners up

The original contenders - Y8 above and Y9 below

The Democracy Wall - the public's chance to change the course of history

Bluecoat Gallery, January 2001, with 'TableTalk' by Becky Shaw in foreground

Election Fever

A twelve week residency by Alan Dunn & Rick Walker at Alsop High School in Walton, Merseyside, between September-December 1999. Managed and supported by BluecoatConnect, the Liverpool Gallery's first sustained programme of education outreach work.

Working with 55 Year 8 and Year 9 pupils, a series of workshops explored various issues around 'identity' towards creating a series of 14 Identikit photos made up from the pupils' faces.

Each of these 14 characters developed a name - Scandi Valve, Alcra Kelrac or Bouzal Couzal and so on - personalities and a political agenda as to how best to improve the school.

Based on these policies, each Year Group went through an election process to narrow the field down to one Candidate from Y8 (Toxi 'TOXICUTE THEM' Turner) and one from Y9 (Sam 'DA BOMB' Suger).

A final Election Ball was staged at The Bluecoat at which the winner of the overall election (as voted for by Y7) was announced - Sammy Suger. Complete documentation from Identikit was exhibited at the Bluecoat in January 2000 and January 2001.