If a revolution comes to my country

Cultural Hijack, curated by Ben Parry and EPOS 257, International School of Architecture ARCHIP, Prague, 19 June - 15 September 2017.

Original book here.

Two 12" clear single-sided dubplates featuring new 10 minute versions of Artists' uses of the word revolution, presented in custom-built listening booth.

If a revolution comes to my country (45rpm)

Movement TM mix from 9RPM-2
James Chinneck - A furtive firing tool (spraying REVOLUTION on an art school wall)
Rico Garcia - People get ready (this is our revolution)
Rachel & The Revolvers - Revolution
Jason Forrest - My 36 Favorite Punk Songs
John Lennon on Revolution 9
Diplo - Revolution (Boaz van de Beatz Remix)
Peter Suchin - All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning
Crass de Burgh - Crass' Bloody Revolutions fused with Chris de Burgh's Revolution
Noam Chomsky on revolution
Marion Harrison - 68 Collage, linking The Prague Spring, Charter 77 and the Velvet Revolution; the Recording of Revolution, Revolution 1 and Revolution 9 and The Plastic People of the Universe during 1968/1969
Yoko Ono whispering into her cassette recorder as the Beatles practice Revolution in the background
Nina Simone - Revolution
Bob Marley - Revolution
The Fast Set - Children of the revolution
A Fistful of Dynamite revolution speech 1971
Mark Whitford - revolution mw 2 44khz
Paul Revere & The Raiders - Revolution 1967 radio advert
Nasio Fontane - Revolution Souljah
Pete Seeger - If a revolution comes to my country
AD&THEFILMTAXI featuring Zak - A list of songs not included on this CD

The revolution will not be ... (45rpm)

Gil Scott-Heron - Introduction to The revolution will not be televised
Soul Rebels - The Revolution will not be televised Acapella
Skuff - The revolution will not be online
Last Poets - When the revolution comes
DJ Vadim & Sarah Jones - Your revolution
IG Culture - The Revolution Will Not Be Tell Lie Vise feat. Niles 'Asheber' Hailstones, Heru Hailstones, Antonio Feola, Spry Crispen & Mr Mensah
Scholastic Deth - The Revolution Will Not Be Posted On eBay
33 1/3 Revolutions per Monkee radio advert
Congo Natty feat. Rebel MC, Nanci Correia, Phoebe " Iron Dread" Hibbert & Ras Buggsy - Revolution
John Lennon on Dick Cavett 1971
Marzette Watts And Company - Backdrop for urban revolution
Yellow Sisters - Revolution
BK - Revolution (Jason Hills Remix)
William Burroughs - The electronic revolution
BUTCH - Revolution dub
Got a Girl - There's a revolution
IG Culture reprise
Grace Petrie - The revolution will not be televised
Hungry Wolf - Revolution
Gil Scott-Heron - The revolution will not be televised