Following on from his RAY + JULIE works installed in trains, Andrew Smith develops an image of the chairs as part of the Royal Standard's contribution to The Festival Of Britain celebrations, Southbank, September 2011.

Under the umbrella title 'The Seaside Land', curated by Colette Bailey of METAL, fourteen beach huts reflected upon British summer. Andrew's work 'De-Censored at the Seaside' explored the role of British sculpture in the Festival of Britain, and its relationship to the construction of national identity. The work appropriated various cultural artefacts: Donald McGill's saucy postcards which were to be seen at the British seaside towns until they were censored in the 1950s by a conservative led government; neoclassical depictions of the Queen Victoria and a lesser known public sculpture, RAY + JULIE displaced from its original location in a run down area of liverpool.

RAY+JULIE, March 2011

RAY+JULIE, October 2010

RAY+JULIE, February 2010

RAY+JULIE, April 2009

RAY+JULIE, May 2008