AN LP ZERO - Conversations with No Parlez (No Covers!)

This new compilation (only 40 copies made) celebrates 40 years since the release of Paul Young’s No Parlez.

Artist Rutherford Chang is buying up every copy of The White Album he can find and this is my cover of that project, via charity shops, market stalls, record fairs and bargain bins, exploring this classic LP that is revealing itself to be darker, richer and edgier than first considered. See the 12 issues of ZERO PLAN zine for more on the project origins.

For AN LP ZERO, artists, Fine Art students and musicians have been invited to create new tracks – not covers – inspired by each of the tracks on the original LP that in itself includes 7 covers in the 11 tracks. We take titles, sentiments, words and moods to create this new LP that comes with a 24pm zine, badge, postcard, poster, DIY No Parlez dice and text on the whole project.

Side 1 – Ross & The Realifers (Ross Sinclair), Exploding Shed (Dave Henderson & Authors With Cats), mage tears (Nicole Johnson), nevercouldbeanyotherway (Jean McEwan, Paul Peter & Jim McEwan), The Caledonian Parledonians. Side 2 - Heartbeat Wunderbar, Lucy Bergman, Tom Cullen & Rob Glover, Meilir Tomos, Man Ray (Philip Murphy & Peter Hook) and Danny McEvoy.

The LPs are not for sale but available in exchange for 4 copies of ‘No Parlez’ (in any condition!), email Alan Dunn for details. This is cantaudio067 and forms the Conversations trilogy with Conversations with the Anthony Burgess cassette archive and Conversations: recordings from Where the Arts Belong.