take the mic away


take the mic away (1998)      'the vinyl junkyard' bluecoat, liverpool     2m47s (1Mb)

original welsh version produced at The Gossamer Dome featuring the spoken mix looped over Matt Wand and Laurence Lane's Good Vibrations. further details here.

take the mic away


take the mic away (1998)      'vinyl junkyard' bluecoat, liverpool      1m48s (696kb)

spoken word version, produced by Alan Dunn and Henry Priestman, featuring: baby 96, acid brass, elvis evils lives, power to the people, doing it for the kids, jukebox jackanory and off the record.

take the mic away


take the mic away (1998)      'vinyl junkyard' bluecoat, liverpool      3m14s (1.2Mb)

thumping funeral mix produced by philip jeck. All take the mic away tracks originally released on 7" picture disc, on BLUEDUNN RECORDS (bluedunn01) in edition if 1,000.