A history of background, Track Listing

Robert Swift - R09_0072

Unknown - Sound 8: Background Music For Your Personal Movies - Music For Children's Activities
With thanks to John B. Draper, EAMER Legal and Kim Ratley, Kodak Limited.

Jack Fitzgerald – Cyan63

The Stupids – A Small Glass of Prosecco
Background excerpts taken from CD/LP The Kids Don’t Like It © Boss Tuneage, 2009, collated by Andrew Fryer with thanks to Aston at Boss Tuneage.

The symbolic representation of an idealistic morning refers to the tradition in thought that represents a perfect morning in perfect form.

Carol Kaye - Interview From Bob Edwards Radio
Used with permission from Carol and BobEdwardsRadio, 1999.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry & The Upsetters - Jungle Skank (aka Jungle Fever)
From the 1973 LP 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle (GBAJE7400485, Sanctuary Records Group Ltd), and the 2004 Auralux CD, produced and directed by Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, with thanks to Steve Marsh (Licensing Administrator, Universal Music) and Zapatoo the Tiger (Trojan Forum).

Joseph Moore – Chimera......
Enter the wormhole

Interview with Nigel Rodgers, pipedown
The campaign against piped music - www.pipedown.info

Muzak Orchestra - In The Eighteenth Century Drawing Room
Performed in 1968 by the Muzak Orchestra on the Muzak Records label, published by Empirical Rhythm Music, Muzak’s publishing Company, with thanks to Bruce McKagan, Company Communications, Special Music Projects, Muzak llc.

Einstürzende Neubauten - U-Haft Muzak (Muzak For While On Remand)
From the 1981 LP Kollaps, with thanks to the band and Swantje Fiedler (Marketing/Licensing, Freibank) and Andrea Schmid (Bargeld Entertainment).

Talesh Patel – Henry Moore Institute, part 1

Cyrus - In The Background
From the 2010 collection This is Dubstep 2, with thanks to Cyrus/Random Trio/Jay and Josh Brandon (Management 16), master owned by Eight:FX.

Talesh Patel – Henry Moore Institute, part 2

Jeff Young – Blown Up
Background notes to a film about background running on repeat in the background.

James Burnage – Hidden Messages (Glitch Speak)
Sound exists within all files but cannot always be heard, through interfering with them these hidden sounds in the background of a files code can be transformed into an audio we are not meant to hear.

Hannah Dargavel-Leafe - Kitchen Trio
Incidental recordings from the kitchen: a kettle comes to the boil and the washing machine rattles the plates on the draining board.

Carl Allport – Conversation Filter

Martyn Rainford - In favour of CHANCE _ (for which, read experimental)
In part a reaction to way graphic design is understood by those who feel its only contribution is to conveying someone else’s message and not the message itself, but also a response to technology and Duchampian ideas of chance.

Conway, Young and Hassall – Education Cuts
On the 10th November 2010 fifty-thousand people united to demonstrate against the proposed government cuts to education. During one of the biggest public protests since the 1980’s angry individuals from around the country, previously unheard, gathered together in London to voice their opinions collectively, with the aim of amplifying their shared cause and bringing their concerns to the forefront. This piece is based on a collection of protest banners that were documented during the demonstration.

Rob Blackburn - Untitled
Sample of a sample of background, recorded from a background creating and documenting device that was left in the background.

AD&THEFILMTAXI – scottishbackground (featuring Zak)

Steven Stafford - Love Killed Estonia
Personal background through a subtle reworking of a piece of music from a student in Estonia, reflecting the impact of a recent trip to Estonia upon the directions of Steven’s work.

Amy Leech - Reconstruction Of Din
A conceptual montage of recordings based on noise pollution.

Bo Diddley - Background To A Music
From the 1961 LP The Originator on Checker Records, courtesy of Geffen Records, with thanks to Steve Marsh (Licensing Administrator, Universal Music) and A&C Black Publishers Limited.

Bruce Davies & Jonny Fryer – Elegy (edit)
Elegy is a mournful lament for the dead, a sonic footprint of a former Department Store in Leeds in the process of being re-commercialized. The sound recording was made in the new premises of the company that used to occupy the building in which Elegy was presented, with the sound processed to draw out pre-existing frequencies in the original recording and place them all at the same level.

Anthony Kelly and David Stalling – Saturday Night
From the 2009 CD and book Unknown Point on Farpoint Recordings, courtesy of Farpoint Recordings, a field recording taken from an installation of site specific sonic and visual works by Kelly & Stalling at the library of IT Carlow and Carlow Town Park.

Steven Stafford – Thursday Morning
Everyday noises in the background, rain, breathing, yawning.

Nicky Hamer – Be Be Be
Inspired by Phil Spector's Wall of Sound with added drum beat organ treated reverb and delay, recorded using a Midi Keyboard and Ableton Live Suite.

Nicky Hamer – Vessels
Inspired by shoegazing and dreampop and recorded using guitar, external sound card and Ableton Live Studio.

Matthew Toole and Sara Pepper - Chinese Whispers
Made from a background recording in an art studio, playing upon the fear that if you hear laughter in the background, it may be directed at you.

Brian Eno - Music For Airports, interview
1999 interview at Schiphol Airport courtesy of NOS and beel en geluid archive with thanks to Seth Flink (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid), Constant Dullaart, Russell Mills, Brian Eno and Jane Geerts (Business Manager, Opal Ltd).

Wolff Cubb – Lift Music

Elisa Grasso and Chloe Plumb - It’s Freezing Out There
An interpretation of background noise stemming from glimpses into everyday life, catching snippets of conversations from passing strangers and recording them in a monotone, impersonal voice to highlight the banality of daily occurrences and how we disconnect ourselves from others.

Bob Barker – Seascape
Nine different beginnings or endings from soundtracks meshed together and laid gently over the sound of the sea.

Eve Hell - Boogie in A
Extracted bass line from Eve of Eve Hell & The Razors.

Beth Turner - Figure & Ground
Radio is normally a background sound itself but in this piece the role is reversed, the radio becoming the foreground and the figure behind the music on the radio becoming the 'background noise'.

Andrew Tunstall – Evangelos Would Be Pleased
A Vangelis-inspired soundtrack with cinematic fadeout.

Undark - Static (edit)
Edited extract of a ground track for a soundwork for an unrealized site-specific multimedia installation, commissioned by North Tyneside Arts. All sounds used are from field recordings made at sites with significance in the cultural or industrial evolution of North Tyneside. Undark are Russell Mills, Michael Fearon and Tom Smyth © Undark 2010.

Lisa Stansbie - Background To A Film: Spitfire Beach
Narrative and background music from the film Spitfire Beach, narrated by Gerard Fletcher. Using the top ten best selling Airfix aeroplane kit names, a narrative is written around individuals queuing on Spitfire Beach to throw crates of their personal belongings into the sea.

Erik Satie - Musique d’ameublement (Furniture Music)
Composed by Satie in 1917 and performed live by the Chamber League in Concert, with musical director Clyde Yasuhara, in 1997 at the Firehouse in San Francisco. With thanks to Clyde and Lisa Philips (Fort Mason Center).

Lower Class Brats - Background Music
From the 1998 LP Rather Be Hated Than Ignored, with thanks to the band and Josh Barnes (TKO Records).

Andy Warhol - Lunch in Paris
Andy Warhol Audio Tape Recording, 1973, © The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., with thanks to Samo Gale (Licensing Assistant, Warhol Museum) and, for the voice of David Whitney, thanks to Mark Lancaster, Geraldine Aramand a and Clare Elliott (Menil Archives), Lynn Davis (Executrix, David Whitney Estate), Rebeccah Johnson (Studio Manager, Lynn Davis Studio), Christy MacLear and Thompson M. Mayes (National Trust for Historic Preservation).

AD&THEFILMTAXI - backbenches
Cameron and Brown debate credibility gulfs and inheritance tax, 2007.

Michelangelo Antonioni - Excerpt from Il deserto rosso (Red Desert)
Starring Monica Vitti and Richard Harris, 1964, with thanks to Michelangelo’s niece Elisabetta Antonioni, his collaborator for forty years Carlo di Carlo, artist Stefania Corbelli for translation, Eddie Berg (Director, British Film Institute) and Federica Mei and Marco Valerio Fusco (Intramovies Srl). Excerpt courtesy of MEDIASET DISTRIBUTION.

Unknown – The Sound Of The Vela Pulsar
The sound of PSR B0833-45, The Vela Pulsar, with thanks to Christine Jordan and Ben Stappers (Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, The University of Manchester).

Joe Finister – Spot The Pirate

Alfons Schilling - tenantspin interview
In 2003 Schilling worked with Liverpool community project tenantspin using his custom-built perspective-reversing spectacles.

Jack Fitzgerald - MimicSoil

Unknown - Recording From Deep Space 2004

David Bowie - Space Oddity (Backing Vocal, Flute and Cellos)
Performed by David Bowie, 1969, courtesy of RZO Music, with thanks to James Chinneck (LMU), Jenny Gosling (Bucks Music Group), Nigel Reeve (EMI), Amanda Chinneck (National Media Museum, Bradford), Henry Wrenn-Meleck and Aisha Cohen (RZO Music) and Beth Greenacre (Rokeby Gallery).