, curated by Pixel Palace, 25th/26th January 2014.

Tunnelblind, a one-hour mix of 2013 CD and Station to storm, a one-hour mix of student works produced at Leeds Metropolitan University during Chris Watson master classes. Students include Nicky Hamer, Sean Fahey, Lucy Aaronson, Emily Simpson, Verity Hatfield, Manni Cowlin-Zala, Alexander Hall, Abigail Durham, Dania Kooner, Bijan Moosavi, Huw Andrews, Chris Leete, Rob Blackburn, Amy Leech, Sam Elliott, Elisa Grasso, Chloe Plumb, Les Connelly, Joe Finister, Triin Niinemets, Les Connelly and Michael Jenkins.

Audio file: tunnelblind mix (mp3, 57.7mb, 60'00")

Audio file: chriswatson mix (mp3, 57.7mb, 60'00")