"We aimed to show all angles, from being an injured player on the pitch to being right through with only the keeper to beat. We wanted to capture rainy Tuesday nights, loyalty, rituals, costumes, dreams, paraphernalia and the beauty of just being one of the crowd while just being one."
Alan Dunn

Being a Bantam emerged from Dr Kris Southby's research work with Bradford City's Learning Disabled Team, thinking about the individual and the crowd. This collaboration with Alan Dunn and three final year Graphic Arts & Design students - Jennifer Skip, Jodie Holland and Jonathan Peach - evolved into a permanent photographic display installed within the stadium. We gave the team cameras and Go-Pros during games and arranged for the students to spend time with the players. We staged a large selection session during a training evening to choose a final twenty-five from around seven hundred images. Yorkshire Signs manufactured and installed the final prints that were accompained by this plaque:

Being a football fan can have lots of benefits. It can:
- Help create a positive social identity
- Provide opportunities to interact with other people
- Be a reason to get and do something enjoyable
- Enable people to display their emotions
- Allow fans to feel they belong and able to contribute to a community

For people with a learning disability these benefits can be especially significant. Bradford City FC is proud of the work it does supporting people with a learning disability in the community and in the stadium. The 'Being a Bantam' project is a photography project to showcase the experience of City fans with a learning disability attending matches; their enthusiasm, enjoyment, interest and passion. The pictures were taken by City fans with a learning disability at home games. The project has been organised by Leeds Beckett University. It would not have been possible without the support of Bradford City FC and Bradford City Disability Football Club.

Here are the final twenty-five images, followed by installation shots: