Big Bang to Granary Wharf Project Radio, Leeds, 7-25 October 2015

Since 2009 sound artist Chris Watson has been working with students from Leeds Beckett (formerly Metropolitan) University to record Leeds from new perspectives. Utilising hydrophones, contact and binaural microphones, the students have created a unique archive of hidden sounds, including Roundhay Park, Leeds & Liverpool Canal, the Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Market, alongside looming Yorkshire storms, fishermen's maggots and electricity pylons.

Soundcloud file here (60 minutes)

Rob Swift - Big Bang (last door closing at Leeds Metropolitan University's H Block)

Alice Walton and Letitia Evans-Minto - Recording with Chris Watson, Broadcasting Place

Chris Leete - Shuttle (Bat Detector recording printer and strip lights)

Joe Finister - Surround storm bounce

Joe Finister - Surround drone bounce

Megan Skinner - Soundwalk starting outside Student Union

Talesh Patel - Inside the Henry Moore Institute

Various (Fine Art students 2012) - Contact microphone on pinball machine near Leeds Market, café in Leeds Market and city collage

Amy Leech - Maggots for breakfast

Chloe Plumb - Canopy dawn chorus (Roundhay Park)

Rob McGregor - Bird song with guitar

Chloe Plumb - Gulls (Roundhay Park)

Alan Connolly - Three-headed elephant

Alan Connolly - Je joue du saxophone

Paul Walsh - Wave Trip (for a double-decker bus)

Triin Niinemets, Alan Connolly & Ryan Long - Secluded

Dania Kooner - Composition no.3

Annabel Crossley - Soundwalk (shops)

Chloe Witchell-Chibber - Composition 2

Nick Gledhill & Les Connolly - Voice piece for crowds

Chris Bishop - Chris Watson on Eraserhead

Verity Hatfield - Spinning Studio

David Scarf - Milkshakes

Triin Niinemets, Alan Connolly & Ryan Long - Contact microphone on electricity pylon

Samantha Bingham & Huw Andrews - Canal walk

Mark Whitford - Under the rail bridge by Leeds & Liverpool Canal at 1am

Sam Elliott - Ghost Train

Paul Walsh - Rail Bridge & Running Train Cough

Chris Bishop - Granary Wharf