The Leeds Library, 18 Commercial Street, Leeds, LS1 6AL. Tuesday 31 January 2012: 6pm ˆ 9 pm

Group exhibition curated by Michael Jenkins, featuring John Baldessari, Pascal Ansell, Rob Blackburn, Black Dyke Brass Band, Kelly Brownless, Bruce Davies, Alan Dunn, Joe Finister, Jessica Firbank, Rob Graham, Rebecca Holden, Derek Horton, James Jarvill, Calum Paterson, Spike Raquette, Andy Roberts, Jack Sidley and Peter Suchin

Before the Industrial Revolution there was simply no time for leisure or free time unless you were in the fortunate upper classes. There was simply work, eat and sleep, until you died. Now we have boredom, probably the most dangerous emotion of all. Boredom affects everyone, humming away in the background and causing occasional social unrest. In a one-off event in collaboration with The Leeds Library, Michael Jenkins curates a diverse range of responses to why we put up with monotony.

Screens used in exhibition

Screen 1

Screen 2