A new public artwork for Burnley and an experimental model for engaging large numbers of young people, working across Boroughs and creating an artwork that captures the imagination of the wider town. In August 2013, Burnley was named as Britain's most enterprising area and we took this as a starting point for SIGN UP. Alan Dunn devised the overall programme in which local artist Philip Bradley worked with six youth organisations across the town to consider what activities might take place in the newly designed Youth Zone and also the type of activities that may exist in ten years from now (mobile phones that teleport, x-ray eyes, shrinking machines etc). A useful reference was this article on well-paid jobs of the future.

Commissioned by Lancashire County Council in conjunction with Burnley Young People's Service, with particular thanks to Paul Kelly (LCC), Debbie Taylor (LCC) and Neil McCormack (MB Signs, Accrington). A series of 'road sgns' with images developed by the young people and made graphic by Dunn are installed at the newly built Zone in the centre of Burnley. Every other agency in Burnley are invited to request their own ideas around future enterprise or activities, and to have their own sign produced and installed, as a mark of signing up to Burnley's future (two having already signed up prior to installation). We chose as the signature image, the young man vehemently drumming; the word FUTURE emblazoned across his kit.

Original proposal, Sept13 Final designs, Dec13 Unused images 13-14

Installation begins, Mar14