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"Hello, welcome to CAGED. My name is Alan Dunn and I am a lecturer in Art & Design at Leeds Beckett University, but today I am home in my garden shed studio in Liverpool City Region. It is 12 noon and in the next hour we will be going live to some of our students and staff who have been dispersed around the United Kingdom and beyond. These are anxious times for our students – our final years will be submitting digitally rather than a physically shared exhibition, will all the camaraderie and pride that brings. Our first years have a dramatically different end to their first 12 months of study. And for staff too who are having to shift away from face to face work – standing in front of a painting or large projection, or picking up objects in the studio and placing them next to each other and informal chats in the workshops and corridors. Our days are filled with zoom, discord, teams, skype and facetime. And CAGED – we have an online learning system called CAGD – Contemporary Art and Graphic Design – and hence the title of today’s project.

The music you hear at various points has been composed by two of our first-year students for a large audio-visual project called ‘Monolith’ that we produced in January, thinking about the future. Little did we know ….

In the next hour we will hear from some of our students and staff – live and pre-recorded – reflecting on lockdown, passing the time, cooking risotto, playing Guitar Hero, making music, drawing, reading, listening to birdsong, chewing food, folding duvets and sharing anxieties and moments of hope. Some parts will be calm and slow and others not so much.

This is being brought to you as part of the ANTIVIRUS project on with thanks to Dinah Bird for the invitation, encourgement and technical support!

The running order for CAGED is as follows:

Alan Dunn – introduction to project (text above), over excerpts of Monolith soundtrack by Olli Tipling and Dani Ingham
Simon Ringe - turning the page (repeated between each section)
Nicole Dodds – my non-existent artwork
Mike Powell – the ghost in the machine
Liz Stirling – baby starlings in my garden
Jordan, Harry Meadley, Vicky, Mike, Simon, Alan and Charlotte – hello (where's Beverley?)
Charlotte Bruffell – chewing my food
Jordan Lee – view from my window
Dani Ingham – excerpts from Monolith soundtrack
Evangeline Harrison – cooking risotto
Amanda Gingell Marin – clapping from self-isolation in Spain
Olivia Wright – blue eyes that looked grey
Ghost in the machine – a minute’s silence
Victoria Sharples – folding the duvet
Olli Tipling – live recording with virus samples
Alex Johnson – the vortex
Holly Rouse – ‘Not going home’ heard at home
Tenley Martin, joined by all – improvisation with amplified egg slicer and amplified udu drum
All – ghosts in the machine