A collaboration between University of Liverpool and Leeds Beckett University

Final year Graphic Arts & Design students from Leeds Beckett University have been exploring the fantastic Institute of Popular Music archive of LPs to investigate record sleeve designs across genres and generations. Using digital software, the students have started to alter some designs from the archive, adding or removing letters, characters and shapes to invite us to re-think what an LP sleeve can be.

Students from the Music Department have responded to these reworked designs with a series of texts that introduce us to the notion of altering history to better understand our present. For this presentation, a set of 56 altered designs have been edited together in the form of the ‘cover flow’ first used by iTunes to let us skip between them as the associated texts scroll gently by their side like contemporary sleevenotes.

Co-ordinated by Dr Marion Leonard and Dr Alan Dunn.

LBU students: Daisy Alleno-Powell, Brandon Lea, David Marshall, Hugh Roberts and Alicia Milton.

IPM students: Lily Cassell, Jeanna Colhoun, Charlie Cowburn, Caroline Foot, Yidan Gao, Charlotte Hughes, Tom Moreton, Erin Murphy and Sam Taylor.

List of altered sleeves:
Mahler – Ken Russel soundtrack
Black Flag - Slip it in
Beatles - Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles – Red album
Bow Wow Wow - Your cassette pet
Count Basie - The Atomic Count Basie
Various – Full Metal Jacket soundtrack
Glenn Branca – Symphony
James Brown – Instrumentals
Ken Lockie – The Impossible
Penetration – Race against time
Sex Pistols – Never mind the bollocks
Pere Ubu – Dub Housing
Various – Pink Panther soundtrack
Stranglers – Black and white
Various – The eyes of Laura Mars soundtrack
Vangelis – 1492
Beautiful South – Rotterdam
The Clash – Combat Rock
Bob Marley – Babylon by bus
Various – Scooby Do soundtrack
Nirvana – Bleach
Metallica – Master of puppets
Green Day – American idiot
Fela Kuti – Black president
Lorde – Pure heroine
Kanye West - My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Eurythmics – Touch
Various – The exorcist soundtrack
Kraftwerk – Computer world
Billy Bragg – The internationale