Billboards SN3343/01-04, Leece Street, Liverpool, UK, 10-23 October 2007

DADOPTION is a group exhibition in the form of a collaborative collage stretching over four 20x10ft billboards on a busy street in Liverpool City Centre. DADOPTION evolved from four months of image dialogues between artists, citizens and creative workers across the globe with fatherhood, football and adoption on their minds. Produced by Alan Dunn in collaboration with Dmitry Gutov, Arnold Böcklin (1827-1901), Cristian Roldan, Rafael Alvez, Leah Alconcel, Heidi & Zak, Guy Ben-Ner and Alex Dempster.

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  Wednesday 10 October, preview cards left on RAY + JULIE (now pleasingly being used to lock bikes up)

  Thursday 11 October, preview in Metro by Mark Powell

  Friday 12 October, thanks Cristian + Rafael

  Saturday 13 October, Artist David Jacques review of dadoption in next issue of nerve magazine (thanks to Colin)

  Monday 15 October, Art In Liverpool (thanks to Ian)

  Tuesday 16 October, Online version of David's text in nerve

  Friday 19 October, moustaches and horns added to FFJ

  Saturday 20 October, genuine tears

  Saturday 20 October, genuine blue paint on Herzen quote

  Sunday 21 October, image from Andrew Taylor

  Tuesday 23 October, bang bang scribbled; Jeff Young & Pete Wylie view and film billboards

  Monday 26 November, subsequent posters start getting torn, revealing dadoption again