Henning Mankell – One Step Behind

Mission Of Burma – The Enthusiast

Adrian Henri - Total art: environments, happenings, and performance

Banksy & Paris Hilton – That’s Hot

Bruce Springsteen – Radio Nowhere

Robert Pollard – I love a revolution

Kleenex – Heidi’s Head

Lemonheads – Dawn Can’t Decide

Cramps – She Said (live)

Kinks – Picture Book

Psycho And The Birds – Tomorrow Man

Irvine Welsh – If you liked school, you’ll love work

Dresden – the Prohlis colour and lack of sound (the drinkers peace)

Bookmobile - Fettle

Ben Patterson – 370 flies

Incredible String Band – Mountain of God


Specials – International Jet Set

The Pogues – The Old Main Drag

Denis Dercourt – The Page Turner

MIA – Paper Planes

Brian Eno – Music For Airports

Sleater Kinney – Modern Girl

Fugazi – Waiting Room (from Jem Cohen film)

Ken Currie – Details of a Journey (Tom Normand)

The Beat Goes On (Liverpool Museums exhibition)

Just Can’t Get Enough (by Hammond Organ DJ during Hannover wedding)

Red Hot Chilli – Californication (muzak in local superstore)

Dream Syndicate – Burn (live version)

Gary Hall – Living life without loving the Beatles

Marc Rothemund – Sophie Scholl

Emmett Williams and Ann Noλl (Editors) MR FLUXUS – a collective portrait of George Macuinas 1931-1978

Roxy Music – BOB (medley)