Empty Studio August - September 2010

Space for three and a half thousand Size 5 balls
Suddenly, the Warhol Foundation calls

Flourgon and Red Dragon on the turntable
Brain ...... feeling stable

Crank up Pocahaunted’s “UFO”
And just sit in this empty studio

No little footsteps down the halls
I’m there when the UV Centre calls

Fingering the heatshield from near the moon
Drain the Lake of tranquillity and find a spoon

(Loch Ness Monster recordings from Big Dipper 12")

Look up, 10ft high plaster ceiling
Look down .. should I be kneeling?

HSBC play “Born to run” in their bank
I point this out, the woman looks blank

Local mall plays Iggy and INXS
Ambient insects in M&S

So tempting just to spin a fable
Check brain again ... gnileef elbats

Blisters from the Arts Council application

(25 minutes to go)
Mirroring the city, just like Inception

Convict lived here
Red wine, rum, vodka and beer

Lennon & Ono smoozing on iPlayer
Carrying a bottle up the stair

Scally down the road, scratching his balls
I’m there too when Antonioni calls

Think - Outnumbered, Wallander and BNP Wives
House cross the road full of beehives

Led Zep’s “Kashmir” and Mary Chain’s “Hole”
Love Parade deaths and Reds sign Cole

Paint a moon for the Leeds billboard
Peuter and silver, burnished and poured

Control Alt Delete and see the background
3am and only that sound

Writing at a computer table
Brain still .. feeling able