e n g i h e e r i n g

The 10th Annual Chris Watson Master Class + LATES: FUTURE SCIENCE at Leeds Beckett University and National Science & Media Museum, Bradford, 5-8 March 2018.

"This week, over forty students from three of our schools have been working with leading sound recordist Chris Watson and the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford to create a series of audio compositions, silent films and live soundtracks around the theme of ‘engiheering.’

Highlights included recording the sound of heated Brazil nuts in our 3D workshop welding bay, PhD candidate Peter Blagg’s presentation of ‘uncanny’ objects at the LATES: FUTURE SCIENCE event at the Museum with around 400 visitors, MA Art & Design students' installations of woven VHS tape and the sounds of the Beatles ‘Revolution 9’ recorded with a bat detector."

Audio files (MP3 versions of: Rust & Sand, Print Room Drying Rack, Beatles Bat Detector and Burning Brazil Nuts)