The Fable Files by Foreign Investment & Alan Dunn, September 2020

We all have sayings or proverbs from artists and musicians that help us and that we sometimes need to hear again: #thefablefiles project invites people to share their proverbs on an answering machine. It started as a visual project on Instagram in April 2020 and introduced audio, leading to two ‘interior’ and ‘exterior’ mixes that question the gaps and the synchronicity between dialogue. With more people at home during the pandemic, has the answering machine become redundant, or can we still be ‘uncontactable’ at times?

Contributors: The Rev. Max Ripple, Kathy Kenny, Lea Oetken, Mr. Average (Deaf School), Brigitte Jurack, Korinna McRobert, Anette Lundebye, Alma Tischlerwood, Ben Browton, Claudia Wegener, Paul Cheneour, Cerys Cotterill, Johnny B, Paul Stocks, Sofia Lockheart, Abebe Bekele, Lia Breingen, Jane Wood, Nelico, Zak Dunn-Jurack, Matthias Spiess, Lara Rose, Michael Ridge, Kurda Ali, Litsa Breingen, Laura X Carle, Fergus de Ruoy, Lois Wood, Bernard Clarke, Kit Wood, DJ Dirty How, Rebecca Cox, Alfie Vardy, Leo Wood, James Cox, Vanessa Wei, Patricia de Mayo, Kate Reinsch, George, Erin Caine, Joaquin Ronco, Eleni Poulou, Luchezar Boyadjiev, Lucy Belmar-Jones, stephenclarke1980 and another vacant space.