FOUR WORDS is a long-term text/art project by artist Alan Dunn that invites people to reduce complex ideas down to a series of four-word statements for electronic media. Previous iterations have been presented on Europe’s largest outdoor Media Wall in Liverpool, Bath Spa University, Channel 4 and as a new Augmented Reality phone app with FOUR WORDS contributions having come from Turner Prize winners, retired sea captains, young people, former professional footballers and musicians.

For this new silent 60-minute work, commissioned by Columbia Threadneedle for the 5m high Media Wall at 8 Park Row, Leeds, the project takes inspiration from the ‘Alex’s Adventures in Numberland’ book by Alex Bellos who travels through the magical world of numbers as if a real landscape. Alex has given us his blessing to wander through numberland in our own words, meeting communities that won’t count above five and animals that can add, encountering the alluring Golden Ratio, saying hello to infinity and pi as well as forging important new links with ESG - Environmental Social Governance – in relation to sustainable benefits for our well-being and our planet.

Alan Dunn, May 2022

We have explored FOUR WORDS before.