Selections from The sounds of ideas forming for (h)ear XL II, curated by Mike Kramer, Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen, Netherlands, 26 September - 9th October 2014.

The Beach (MP3, 57.7mb) draws together the voice-less pieces from the collection, considering artists' ongoing exploration of non-traditional instruments within compositional methods. The exception is the voice in Lisa Stansbie's Background To A Film: Spitfire Beach from A history of background. Running behind the first 35 minutes is a reversed version of Ben Patterson performing George Brecht's Drip Music (1959).

Chad Eby Under Way
Gintas K The light at the end of the tunnel
It's Murder Beams Call me animal (the last 2'33”)
Roger McKinley Insomnia
Kaffe Matthews August rain in New York doorways
Vincent Ramos and Diego J. Garza BAR SCORE
Splinters Carwarsh
Asmus Tietchens Hydrophonie 1BA
Rian Treanor Improbability will decide our future
Max Richter The Road Is A Grey Tape
Simon Whetham Icelandic Revolution
The Sound of Aircraft Attacking Britain Revolution by night
James Chinneck A furtive firing tool
Mark Whitford Rustic Waters
Gintas K Happy End
Chris Watson Longshore Drift
Einstürzende Neubauten U-Haft Muzak (Muzak For While On Remand)
Martyn Rainford In favour of CHANCE _ (for which, read experimental)
Hannah Dargavel-Leafe Kitchen Trio
Anthony Kelly and David Stalling Saturday Night
Cyrus In the background
Lisa Stansbie Background To A Film: Spitfire Beach
Nikos Stavropoulous IN4
Tchaikovsky Swan Lake pas de quatre
SOUNDCAST 4 x 4 (+1) 4 x 4 (+1): 1
Chris Watson 90 degrees south
Vikki Mulford Bobbins (Armley Mills)
Peter Cusack Chernobyl Sarcophagus
Hoor-Paar-Kraat A Sudden Attack Of Conscience
alva noto u_04

Image from Lisa Stansbie's Spitfire Beach.

The Beach, b-side of New Order's Blue Monday.