Earworms in a dark city and Almost Persuaded

An Ambient Adventure in Several Movements

Alan Dunn's contribution to Roger Hill & the PMS Team's Sound Walk 'Music for empty spaces: In Situ', Light Night, Liverpool, Friday 13th May 2016.

Listen at 0'48" by the suitcase sculptures at LIPA - Earworms in a dark city (7'00")

Constructed in European Capital of Culture year 2008 as part of a project called Five Cities. Two drunks are on a boat returning to Liverpool. They sprawl over a piano as the dock gets nearer. They try to recall all the catchy hooks they know, the earworms from TV theme tunes, pop songs and football crowds. The recording is interupted by a late night session from John Spoons in Quiggins. The ghosts of my life drift through, Enola Gay, Revolution 9, Torres, Lightning Seeds, Brookside, Jeck, Casey, Wylie, Liverbirds, Frankie, Boo! La's, Peel, Scully, Trumpton, Walk Alone, Z-Cars, Fallow's Dada LP, Scally, Long-haired lover and Ocean Rain.

Listen at 27'16" by the steps of the bombed-out church - Almost Persuaded (3'04") by the late Ronnie Ross

Recorded for the tenantspin CD High Life, 2001. During the recording at DeadFrogStudios, it becomes apparent that Ronnie has forgotten to bring his medication. Despite this, he insists on recording it, muttering to himself that this is a song about his late wife. He has to do this. Recorded with backing vocals by Margo Hogg, at one point Ronnie's eyes well up, his old voice quavering, wondering what he is doing.