INVISIBLE OBJECT Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn, 14-18 March 2016

A one-week project between Alan Dunn and Sculpture students at the Estonian Academy of Art, Tallinn, 14-18 March 2016.

Text by Marti Kikojan: “What first came into our heads when trying to think about what it is that is invisible were invisible cloaks, vantablack, stealth type bomber designed in America, camouflage, the spirit world and everything that we are still unaware of. But first there was nothing directed to sound and hearing or listening only visual or extra-sensual occurrences. So, the discovery of the invisible via sounds seemed like a refreshing challenge.

And then it happened. On the Tuesday morning the mad professor who was directing us, our zen master, Alan Dunn, told us the breaking news that he just happened to have found from the metal scrap collection outside the sculpture department an objectthat has an international status and twenty-plus years back of history. It quite positively looked like it had been pushed on a hiatus because it had some nice corrosion trails running across it without a question. So we talked about it and decided that this sculpture had been invisible for four years. We would resurrect it and elect it to be the mascot for our sound project. And that was the essential click that connected our practice and gave us an interesting theme - invisible object. The sculpture we found is called 'Would you like to participate in an artistic experience?' by Brazilian artist Ricardo Basbaum. Of course we wanted to participate because our master guru has taught us to say YES with a big smile to every challenge. And you never argue with a master. That's the whole point of it.

So the first brave ones directed their microphones towards the spirit world. There, the background signal of slight pink noise and silence seemed to have a conversation about how there's still not enough mapping having been done about the frequency pattern combinations. The gradients of the modulations where the two worlds connect seem like a grey area and that must be fixed. One of us had a puzzling look on the face. She talked about how she wanted to know how the end of the music sounded. She used a turntable and a vinyl and waited for the record to play through and smoothly at the end of recording jump out of the groove area into the unknown and then the fun began. The underlying question of why we never listen to what is not supposed to be listened, was answered.

Another got obsessed with all the ambient background mechanisms that surround us everyday but we never pay much attention to these and basically don't know how most of them sound. She studied all the fans and ventilators she could find and made a few field trips into the centre of social gatherings, such as the shopping malls. She documented what we automatically are taught to ignore, but what is still there if we notice and pay attention. We got the information that somebody domesticated a some kind of creature and taught it to walk the city and the only thing revealed about that super-secret creature is that it connects with the value of yellow somehow. And then I who has been carried away by so called hidden instruments that are basically anything you're able to connect with with your body and will. Following the idea is that every bell sounds as beautiful as ever and that you cannot walk pass a raindrench without tapping on it once, twice, sometimes when you find a special on you might jam there for an hour. Invisible sounds for the invisible object.”

INVISIBLE OBJECT broadcast on RADIO ON, Berlin, with thanks to Rinus van Alebeek.

MP3 file here (60 minutes)

00.00 Katrin Enni - Ventilation

00.08 Marti Kikojan - Introducing Invisible Object

01.27 Marti Kikojan - Fence I

02.18 Triina Britt Aumere - Messy situation

03.23 Meer Vana - SoundA

06.28 Triina Britt Aumere - Thinking sounds

08.18 Katrin Enni - Ventilation I

13.08 Jenny Grönholm - Yellow

18.24 Marti Kikojan - Invisible instruments: three studies a tower a pond and a bridge

24.37 Triina Britt Aumere - Everyday sounds

26.21 Triina Britt Aumere - Waves

28.02 Triina Britt Aumere - Recording of theatre video (after Philip Jeck)

30.24 Evelin Saul - Sound recorded with a copper wire loop-antenna at Paukjärve, Aegviidu, Estonia, February 2016 (59° 40' 65” N, 25° 64' 62” W)

31.54 Class - Invisible Object

34.16 Marianne Ormus - Inbetween

35.28 Marianne Ormus - Sax

37.22 Marti Kikojan - Fence I

39.11 Triinu-Liis Rahe - TELEKINESIS

45.12 Triinu-Liis Rahe - Alexander Lowen

50.46 Jenny Grönholm - Yellow

55.10 Marti Kikojan - Re-introducing Invisible Object

57.32 Marti Kikojan - Coal Train Object

With thanks to Taavi Talve.