JumpShipRat warehouse, Parr Street

Liverpool, Thursday 19th July 2001

not dead white man design

(On Saturday 4th November 1999 at the warehouse on Parr Street, Bill Drummond unveils 'Dead White Man' - his monument in honour of Roger Eagle).

I stand and watch, wondering.

February 2001

February 2001
On Saturday 15th June 1996, Gary McAllister steps up to take the penalty against England at Wembley. 1-0 down. I look on from a pub in Hanover Street.

Hovering 1,200ft above the stadium however is Uri Geller, clutching 11 energized crystals - one for each England team member - plus a giant crystal he uses "to receive and transmit positive thoughts." Geller disclosed: "When that penalty kick was taken I willed Dave Seaman to dive to the right, and he did. And I willed the ball to move with pure telepathy."

July 2001

July 2001
On Thursday 19th April 2001, Gary McAllister steps up to take the penalty against Barcelona at Anfield. 0-0. I watch from a house in Düsseldorf.

I keep in my mind the words of Geller: "When Scotland won a penalty. I kept an image in my mind of McAllister missing it."

July 2001

July 2001
In the same building as Drummond created his Dead White Man, we meet to pay homage to NOT DEAD WHITE MAN.

McAllister scored. The man written off after Euro 96 returned to put his head on the block. Nomatter what colours he was wearing, the man deserves a tribute.

Not Dead White Man - contribution to Jochen Gerz' Anthology of Art 2001.