Amy Sharrocks initially contacted me in April 2014 through Jem Finer, on the back of his contribution to The sounds of dripping water CD. Amy introduced her Museum of water project and invited me to contribute the dripping water CD, an interview and a new sample of water.

I was in County Mayo at the time, staying very close to the Knock shrine. We went there and I invited Zak to collect some of its holy water in the recently purchased plastic bottle and duly sent it off. Since then, the Museum has been presented at Somerset House in London and the Vadehavs Festival in Denmark, with full details here.

This small contribution can be seen very much in the same context as The Museum of silence, /seconds in Sharjah, The Utopia Project or PZYK PRODUCTION LINE at Liverpool Psychfest. Taking part in such projects as an artist involves the relatively speedy but careful production of new content or the re-positioning of existing material. No proposals are required, merely the content.

These actions are celebrations of individuals who are generating a particular form of curatorial framework. Included in this list would be Amy Sharrocks, Paul Sullivan, Peter Lewis, Maureen Bachaus and Aaron Inker. They trust that artists can work spontaneously. They have set up simple frameworks in which the submission of content is streamlined and predominantly online with a percentage of real world social engagement, such as festivals. These public appearances become station stops on the line rather than destinations. They are less-in, more-out amplifiers. The documentation is non-hierarchical. There are no headline acts in these projects.