NO-GO-ZONES audio radio project: INFLUENCE 100 DVD. Audio compilation featuring 100 tracks by artists including Phill Niblock, Radio Continental Drift, William Furlong & Declan McGonagle, Foreign Investment, Charles Hayward, Ocean Viva Silver, William Kentridge and Alan Dunn.

Curated by Claudia Wegener and Terry Humphrey.

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1 no ma da once said owt (2.33)

2 no ma da wont say owt (2.33)

3 note ma dead wolf in z house (2.33)

4 no ma da wont get out (2.33)

Four 2'33 tracks in response to the audio file "no man like my father" produced by Karon and Tutu on May 14 2007. The four works are produced in a climate of three incidents of anti-social behaviour perpetrated on the doorsteps of a son, father and grandfather.

no go zones page

no, ma da said nowt about the bloke across the road revving up his car at 6 in the morning.

no, ma. da said nowt about being at home this weekend.

no, ma da wont say owt in situations like that.

no, ma. da wont get out like that. not any more.

note ma dead wolf, just my dead wolf, in the st george's bin.

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