obscurer, 2006
Alan Dunn
A touch of the Cascarinos (2006)

Back in 1999 myself and Clement photographed all the fantastic walls along the Lime Street Station entrance. If you pay attention, these are the first artworks you ever see when visiting Liverpool. In particular, the eroding yellow wall at the end of Platform 9: Kill Bill, the Black Flag logo, Borussia Dortmund and Caterpillar. Welcome to Liverpool.

Artist Hilary Thorn recently spoke of travelling to Liverpool to look at the University. Coming up by train over the Runcorn bridge: "it's kind of all slatted and you get this kind of weird visual as you come over the river and I saw the two Cathedrals in the distance and I was just like, 'this is where I want to be'.(1)

Tony Cascarino and Liam Brady in the dressing room after Neuchatel 5 Celtic 1 in 1991 (2):
LB: What the fuck is going on Tony? You were a disaster! I've never seen you play so badly!
TC: Yeah, I dunno ... I just ... I was just crap
LB: What?! You're actually admitting it!
TC: Yes, I am. At this moment in time, I'm a bad player, I'm playing crap.

(1) Kelly Mark & tenantspin: Liverpool A-Z, published by FACT. See www.tenantspin.org
(2) "Full Time, The Secret Life of Tony Cascarino", Scribner, 2000