Museum MADRe, Naples

Alan Bennett – Telling Tales

Kind Hearts And Coronets (Alex Guinness, Genuine Class – 1950)

Thomas Schόtte – fake/function, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

Neubauten – Ich Hatte Ein Wort

The Music Of Chance (James Spader, 1993)

Los Lobos – Down Where The Drunkards Roll

Cobra verde – Temptation

Dick Van Dyke - Hushabye Mountain

Yoko Ono & Yo La Tengo – Exquisite Corpse

Negativland/Chumbawamba - ABCs of Anarchy

The Mighty Wah – Never Loved As A Child

The Final Countdown (Kirk Douglas, Martin Sheen, 1980)

Clash – This Is England

Wall of voodoo – Ring Of Fire

Jim Reeves – Scarlet Ribbons

Robert Pollard - Slow Hamilton

Inspiral Carpets – Two World Collide (last 20 seconds)