Alan Dunn Recordings From A Dark City I (2010, 2'01”) and II (2'12”) From a sonic log kept since moving to Liverpool, mixing Chris Leete's ultrasonic recordings of data sent to printers with readings by Zak. Ear worms in a dark city (2008, 7'00”) two men are at sea sitting by a slowed-down piano, recalling all the little melodies that started life on the shores of Liverpool.

Amy Leak invitation and gift design.

Ben Parry & Pavel Büchler Air Drop TONIGHT (2012) airborne leaflet propaganda. 22,500 radio leaflets scatter Liverpool streets. Leaflets announce - TONIGHT, 96.7FM 8.35PM (Mk1: Prototype)

Brass Art Out of Thin Air (DVD, colour, 60 mins) a balloon shadow drifting over urban sprawl, casting its form on the landscape beneath. Brass Art are Chara Lewis, Kristin Mojsiewicz and Anneke Pettican.

Chris Watson A Winter's Tale: park (2005, 43'00”) and city (43'00”) a two-part audio work developed with tenantspin and elderly high-rise tenants; soundscapes for the city that can be seen but not heard from the blocks, including an oak leaf falling by the Palm House at 2am.

Claire Potter …nonetheless bears witness (2012) an exploration of possible links between the sense of self and the sense of sound, drawing on Cathy Caruth's Unclaimed Experience: Trauma, Narrative and History.

Clara Walsh Untitled

Dunn & Young 36 compositions for a Woolton jukebox (2005, 3'14”) A very reserved middle-class lady in Woolton suddenly revealed her private fantasy to us - to smash glass. We contacted The Pilkington Glass European Test Facility to arrange it.

Foreign Investment 1 square mile of sky (2012), a comprehensive account of the true value of the sky above L1, captured on paper and sold at estate value. Visitors will join the surveying between 7.00-7.45pm. All the lonely people (2006, 7'26”), Brigitte (2006, 3'53”), Claudia (2006, 9'01”) and Commons (2006, 9'11”) Commissioned during The Big Dig, Foreign Investment collaborated with street musicians to perform for building site workers and read out manifestos on land ownership by half-finished buildings.

Haroon Mirza “4” 33 RPM (2011, 4'33”) provided exclusively for this event, with thanks to the artist, Marie-Anne McQuay and Gabriella Cala-Lesina.

Jayne Casey with Ambrose Reynolds, Danny Hunt & Ra Cole Don't let go (Pink Industry)

Jeff Young with Vidar Norheim & Martin Heslop Sputnik Jesus “The only place a boy can get some peace is halfway between Liverpool and the moon…”

Jeff Young & Moongoose Don't Play! / Oujia (2012, 16'29”) live version created for Alan Dunn's The sound of ideas forming.

Jem Noble The Blush Response (2012, 41'42”) Georg Simmel's 1903 essay The Metropolis and Mental Life text-to-speeched over a soundtrack of Vangelis fragments extracted from aerial urban landscape shots in Bladerunner, drawing on past, present and futuristic registers and evoking questions of the city and the formation of the individual, this is a soundtrack to the possibility of the urban vista.

John Baldessari Four Minutes of Trying to Tune Two Glasses (For the Phil Glass Sextet) (1976) with thanks to the artist.

Man Ray: Peter Hook & Phil Murphy CP1919 (2012, 8'33”) a new work, 75% of which is constructed from recordings given to Peter Hook by Alan Dunn of Pulsars, as used on the cover of Unknown Pleasures, and a deep space recording from 2004 considered the last one with 'patterns'.

Michael Jenkins Sammy (2012) a passing glimpse from a family funeral, closed off from public view, intimate, raw, unapologetic, joyous, remorseful and celebratory. Police (2012) a demonstration of intimidation, through a uniform, to create unease and a self-awareness of one's private and exclusive surroundings.

Peter Suchin Index, Scribble, Snapshot, Tract (Kaleid Editions, 2009) boxed set of ten silkscreened index cards with accompanying booklet. Boxed set of ten silkscreened index cards with accompanying booklet.

Roger Cliffe-Thompson Above and below spoken word pieces on isolation and a ghost motorbike, from the Liverpool Arena Poet, Wirral Eco Schools Poet and DaDaFest Poet.

Roxy Music The Bob (Medley) (1972, 5'50”) recorded live in St. George's Hall, down below.

Scanner Voyager: Amongst others (2011) an eleven-track journey across the new Dutch High Speed Rail Line, collecting recordings from many of the localities that are passed.

Spike Raquette Tuesday 3rd July 12:40-12:55 Albert Edward (2012) one can view the idiosyncratic characteristics of a typical pub as imitate, social, perverted, annoying, social or private. The individual viewer is a voyeuristic and obtrusive guest in this private conversation as Raquette exposes the uncanny conversations that happen in such spaces.

Stephen Vitiello World Trade Center Recordings (1999, 5'43”) “In 1999 I had a WorldViews Residency on the 91st floor of the World Trade Center. I had 24-hour access to a private studio and wanted to bring the sound from outside into my studio. The windows were sealed shut. The only way to do it was to mount contact microphones on the window and use amplification to get clarity. On any day, the sound would be different. On this recording, you hear planes passing by, wind on the building and the creak and crack of glass and steel.”