Proposal for Mount Pleasant Proposal for Hanover Street Proposal for Canning Place
noland guillotine everyman
billboard artworks, Liverpool, 2001
SN0706 Panel 7St. Johns Centre, Roe Street1-15 October
SN3343 Panel 119-33 Leece Street1-15 October
SN3361 Panel 1167 Earle Street1-15 October
Three snapshots of particular urban locations. Liverpool, UK. Parts of our city that include poignantly placed billboards. Situated to gain maximum viewing commercial audiences, these simple 20x10ft constructions inadvertantly let us see different aspects of our cities.
The placement of white frames on our buildings. Seen every day. Wrapped around beautiful architectural curves, perched precariously above our heads or rammed up against the emergency services.
Hanover Street Mount Pleasant Canning Place
The commercial billboard posters within each scene can be digitally replaced with alternative artworks/images.
These new digital collages can then be enlarged for presentation - on billboards other than their own subject matter.
printed matter 1     printed matter 1
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