Broadcast of Volumes 1 and 2 of Before The sounds of ideas forming on RADIO ON, Berlin, from 10 August 2014.

Volume 1 (mp3, 57.5mb, 59'55") includes The Birthday Party meets GBV, Springsteen singing ‘will tear us apart’ over backwards New Order, Scotland-Lithuania commentary, Melt Banana meets Rooney, ‘(can’t) get satisfaction’ recorded under the Mersey, one-second compositions (yesyesno: Irvine Welsh meets Rod Stewart meets Public Enemy), Baghdad suicide bomb news reports, Butthole Surfers meets Hungarian folk, Neubauten meets Norah, Ricky Nelson singing ‘Gloomy Sunday’ (remixed), Velvet Underground meets Sinead O’Connor, slow Neil Diamond, Woolton bells, the artist’s dad emptying the living room with his guitar playing, Jello Biafra, Nico and Patti Smith on Jim Morrison, slow Brigitte Bardot, intro/outro, Jose Mourinho, Zappa on Jesus, Arts Council workers on a train, Kate Bush vs ‘Halloween’, Robert Wyatt & The Gonads’ revolution, ‘Revolution 9’ and an exclusive 8-minute Philip Jeck remix.

Volume 2 consists of emptiness, repetition and revolution, slowed down versions of slowed down cover versions, Jimmy Witherspoon as Nick Cave as Tom Jones as Elvis Presley, 'Green eyes', 'Going underground', 'Nervous Breakdown', Septic Death, I hate you, Pere Ubu meets Zak, Billy Connolly, Marie Laforet, the only recording of 'The Lord's Prayer' performed by Siouxsie Sioux, Marco Pirroni and Sid Vicious, Johnny Rotten meets the National Anthem, new lyrics for the missing verses of Johnny Cash's '25 minutes to go' sung by a Cash soundalike, Kurt Cobain spliced to sing about the Loch Ness Monster, recordings of asking for Guided By Voices CDs in HMV, slowabilly from Dorsey Burnette, CaleWerk, grumpy Lou Reed interviews, and Maradona signing for Dundee as it falls apart in 'The End'.

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