Monday 25 October 2010, converse advert appears on RAY + JULIE wall ... we see New Order's Bernard Sumner straddling Julie ... fifteen years to the week after the chairs were first installed.

Thursday 4th November 2010, bollards in front of RAY + JULIE are sledge-hammered away and one neatly tucked under RAY, allowing vehicle parking. New - and rare - Manchester City markings appear on both chairs and JULIE is now graced with a poignant 'RIP MAM'. Contact Mersey Travel and Council to request clean up. Wait to meet artist Andrew Smith (see below), watching two office ladies casually sit down to have their sandwiches and a ten-minute chat.

Royal Standard artist Andrew Smith gets in touch about a RAY + JULIE series he has been working on, photographing vulnerable people that inhabit the area around the chairs - holding placards painted with RAY or JULIE - and placing those images in the carriages of Mersey Travel trains.