An Indeterminate Object, curated by Peter Lewis (editor, slashseconds) and Sheikha Hoor Al Qasimi (Director and President of the Sharjah Foundation and Sharjah Biennale). Presented at Sharjah Art Foundation, October 2014.

Artists' uses of the word revolution (seconds) (mp3, 32.4mb, 33'45") featuring nineteen tracks from Alan Dunn's Artists' uses of the word revolution and excerpts from big screens, punks, radios, histories and political theorists.

1 Douglas Gordon - +44 7966 450 969

2 Antitedax - Revolucionate

3 Fred Hampton - On revolution. Black Panthers speech excerpt courtesy of The UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project, USA

4 Peter Suchin - All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning. Peter Suchin has contributed to many journals and books, including Art Monthly, Frieze and Mute

5 Excerpt from A Fistful of Dynamite (Sergio Leone, 1971)

6 Alma Tischler-Wood - 10 past 12 Friday

7 Excerpt from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Mel Stuart, 1971)

8 Charles Dreyfus - george maciunas talks about revolution and revolution with charles d. (new york city, may 1974)

9 Interview with Joey Ramone

10 Marco Cappelli - Children of the revolution

11 Aldous Huxley - The Ultimate Revolution (1962). Recorded on 20th March 1962 at The Berkeley Language Center, courtesy of the University of California Berkeley Media Resources Center, copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California, USA

12 David Jacques and Adrian Bailey - Revvin' up with the Critical Mass

13 The Spanish revolution

14 Katrin Lock - My parents' silver wedding

15 Excerpt from Alice in Wonderland (Harry Harris, 1985)

16 James Chinneck - A furtive firing tool

17 Herbert Marcuse - Liberation from the Affluent Society (1967). The Dialectics of Liberation conference at The Roundhouse in London in 1967 from which this speech is taken was documented on a 23-LP set

18 Rich Rath - The revolution will not be on the Internet

19 The Revolution 96.2fm

20 Jeff Young - Hungary, 1956

21 The Mexican revolution

22 Marion Harrison - 68 Collage

23 John Lennon interview

24 dj BC vs Big D and The Kids Table - Raw Reggae Revolution

25 Excerpt from Casino Royale (Guest, Hughes et al, 1967)

26 Kelvin K - Revolution Beats

27 Aimee Allen - The Ron Paul Revolution Theme Song

28 Derek Horton - The revolution. Recorded for Cultural Hijack, London, 2013

29 Interview with Errol Flynn

30 AD&THEFIMTAXI feat. Zak - A list of songs not included on this CD

(illustrations, top - the rubble of a former art school in Central Park, Merseyside, lit by local authority after arson attack; below - cover of Songs of the Revolution, Julian Beck, Interim Books, 1963)