DRUMTHING (first song I remember hearing)

Alan Dunn's contribution to Beats for Ringo, devised by Roger Hill, PMS, BBC Radio Merseyside, Sunday 13 November 2016.

DRUMTHING (first song I remember hearing) (3'01")

I am three or four. Possibly five. It is sunny. I hear The Beatles' Something on the radio while here on holiday in Morecambe. Or maybe I imagine this. Every time I hear the track I am transported back there. No resistance. No other track does it. I wonder what it sounds like with only Ringo's drums. I invite a recent graduate (with thanks to CB) to recreate Ringo's pattern and we sit back and hit play …

THE POPULAR MUSIC SHOW (PMS) on BBC Radio Merseyside "has been at its musical provocations again. Its autumn project has been to challenge local musicians to create something original from the playing (and sometimes laughter) of Liverpool’s favourite Beatle’s drummer. And what wonderfully strange things they’ve come up with."