A continuation of It is a dangerous undertaking, you will be risking your life (below).

Exhibition, drawing workshop and video: students from University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University collaborate with Alan Dunn on a series of graphic scores in response to recorded sounds from themselves, Björk, Kurt Schwitters, deep space, Mark Stewart, Laurie Anderson and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop.

We draw on blank score sheets: blind, fast (Pharrell Williams) or slow (dub), wrong-handed, behind, pens taped to feet or legs, all drawing on the one sheet, bound by sticks, dabbing and finally, folding at increasing speed to Beethoven's 9th from A Clockwork Orange.

The accompanying video (below) inadvertently creates further scores by attaching pen to stylus and setting the old dial for 78rpm.

All scores presented in future to students, musicians and sound artists to interpret, perform and record, including Ed and Joe during the PV.

Wednesday 30 October 2019, exclusive mix on RADIO ON

Alan Dunn & University of Leeds students It is a dangerous undertaking, you will be risking your life

Our title is taken from words we hear drifting through our art studio, words about danger and risk, perhaps from Edward A. Batory’s Genevieve in the Hidden Kingdom but now repurposed by Shahmen. We hang out in the studio with our microphones for twenty minutes amongst the charcoal drawings, water coolers and spraypaint before meandering via the canteen to our music department where we listen carefully to our peers practising their clarinet and piano. We carry our Tascams and contact microphones back to the digital print and weaving laboratories where, wearing white labcoats, we think about the industrial revolution, health & safety and the machines that aid our learning.

These recordings and compositions for RADIO ON have been made by Art & Design students at University of Leeds working with Alan Dunn and supported by Louise K Wilson and Carl Allport: Edith Young, Sofya Tamarina, Hannah Story, India Martin, Maddie Knight, Millie Thompson, Scarlett Owens, Summer Davis, Natalie Ireland, Tim Huang, Susie Garvie, Chloe Hay, Fatimah Abdal, Morgan Scriven, Eleanor Bath and Lorraine Blanchet.

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