2023 version.

Drawing workshop and (coming soon) audio interpretation of scores: students from University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University worked with Alan Dunn, Louise K. Wilson and Annie Carpenter on a series of graphic scores in response to recorded sounds including Björk, DJ Screw, Septic Death, insects, Pharrell Williams and hell. We draw on blank score sheets: blind, fast (You Suffer) or slow (dub), wrong-handed, adding dots (Alva Noto), crushing (sounds of black holes), all drawing on the one sheet (Happy), bound by rubber inner tubes, stabbing, listening through balloons, dabbing and finally, folding at increasing speed to Beethoven's 9th from A Clockwork Orange.

Click below to access the 2023 scores to respond to

Leeds Beckett students - Emily Brooke, Abigail Bruff, Katie Crowe, Sophie Hatton, Gini Haywood, Frankie Mazzotta, Teagan Mitchell, Kristina Nenova, Collins Philips, Ebrahim Salt, Abbie Thompson and Reese Wood. University of Leeds students - Jenny Caruthers, Alice Chen, Callum Howes, Tanvi Manikoth, Hannah Smith, Lucy Summerell, Emily Taylor-West, Jie Wang and Edith Winter.

Click here for Version 1, February 2020. Short video below from 2023 version by Frankie Mazzotta.