Seen and Heard - Adventures in art and dementia, a group show drawing together works produced with Bluecoat as part of Where the Arts Belong from residencies at Belong Chester.

Alan Dunn, Jonathan Raisin, Brigitte Jurack, Roger Hill, Tabitha Moses.

"Alan Dunn has been creating ‘orchestras’ in Belong Villages using only household items such as rulers, dog bowls and cheese graters, along with tongue twisters to make compositions. Some of these tongue twisters, including a new one written by his 6-year-old-grandson, are read here by the Chester Belong group in a variety of styles and accents. As described in the accompanying pamphlet, tongue twisters date back to John Harris’ book ‘Peter Piper’s Practical Principles of Plain and Perfect Pronunciation’ (1836) and there is a lot of speculation about what makes a ‘good’ tongue twister. Without doubt they are incredibly valuable in learning – and maintaining - the fundamentals of speech mechanics. During lockdown, reciting these tongue twisters became a great relief and source of joy for many Belong residents, so much so that the work was part of the Markel Third Sector Care Award with even host Angela Rippon joining in on stage to recite one!"

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Chester Town Crier recites some Tongue Twisters during our sharing event at Belong Chester.