The sounds of an art school studio, recorded by first year Fine Art students at Leeds Beckett University.

Never having worked with sound before, seven students started using Tascam recorders to capture their immediate surrounds, in the studio, 3D workshop and student Halls of Residence. We hear a student from inside his SLEEP CUBE head box, old typewriters, hammering strange golden potatoes and a noise workshop. We hear additional sounds from DJ Vadim and Einstürzende Neubauten.

For each generation, the art school studio is a special space, a private recluse away from the public. It is a box and climate in which to try new ideas, use new tools and make new permanent or ephemeral artefacts and by introducing the microphone as one of those new tools, we open up a tiny glimpse inside this environment.

Recordings made by Georgia, Thomas, Darcia, Laura, Naz, Eleanor and Gemma.

Editing by Alan Dunn.

Broadcast on RADIO ON, Berlin, 16.00 GMT, Thursday 23rd March 2017.

SLEEP CUBE (60'00")