s o c i a l m e d i a w a l l

Leeds Beckett University - BA Fine Art L4/5/6 students, with Alan Dunn, November 2022.

Digital video animation and soundtrack, 52 mins, with soundtrack by Nicole Johnson.

‘The Social Media Wall’ is presented on the 9m high Media Wall at Platform, managed by Bruntwood SciTech, Leeds, February 2022. The work asks the following questions: What technology do I need? What can technology do to images? What might I look like this time next year? How do I want to be seen?

Quote from Alan Dunn, Leeds Beckett University – “We were chatting with students after the ‘monolith’ film was screened and they mentioned that the Platform wall was like scrolling through a social media feed. We took this idea and invited them to create portraits of themselves while thinking about innovation, technology and how the future will shape how we look (at ourselves). Some of these great portraits explore digital ageing, filtering, how technology enhances our senses, cyborgs, generational faces and analogue photography. We dropped the square portraits into a social media type feed and edited together the new film. Once again, it is an amazing opportunity for the students to get their work out there in public, on such a grand scale, and to collaborate with Bruntwood SciTech.”

Quote from participating student Kristina Nenova (L5, Fine Art) “When faced with the theme of technology and its role in our communication, image, and our perception of the passing of time, I immediately thought of my grandmother and the way she navigates the increasing reliance on technology. The portraits I took of her focus on themes of preservation of media through technology, older and newer types of photography, older styles and fashions blending in with new ones, and old habits sticking around despite the presence of new technology.” “Living in a time when our existence is so heavily documented made me think about what can be classed as a self-portrait. Can documents say more about us than just a photograph?”

The students -
Alex Johnson, Amanda Gingell Marin, Angel Brown, Blade Taylor, Charlotte Bruffell, Collins Phillips, Dani Ingham, Emily Swaine, Evan Chaplin, Eve Wilson, Frankie Mazzotta, Freya Falgate, Hannah Foster, Holly Rouse, Jasmine Easton-Cooper, Jenna Howarth, Katy Irvine, Killian Wheldrake, Kody Glenn, Kristina Nenova, Lauren Dearden, Leah Bedford, Lydia Barker, Macey Skidmore, Madeleine Conroy, Megan Jones, Millie Mason, Nicole Johnson, Olivia Hoddy, Olli Tipling and Reece Wood

Alan Dunn, Reader and lecturer in Fine Art