Audio CD, edition of 433, February 2008. A limited edition compilation inspired by the 2'33" spent under the Mersey on the 433 bus, featuring new soundworks recorded in the Mersey Tunnels and their surrounds.

Produced with the co-operation of Mersey Tunnels and with support from the Arts Council of England. CD given away free of charge to tunnel users and members of the public.

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While copies remain, the CD may be collected from the Reception Desk of Mersey Travel, Hatton Gardens, Liverpool, from 4pm on Tuesday 19th February.

Liverpool Echo, Monday 18th February 2008

Tracks played on Tony Snell show, BBC Radio Merseyside, Tuesday 19th February (thanks to PH for recordings)

Part 1 (7.31MB, 4min 34sec) "I can't believe this idea hasn't been taken up before ... it'll become a collectors item!"

Part 2 (2.36MB, 1min 28sec) "takes all kinds of ideas"

Part 3 (6.51MB, 4min 04sec) "we've had Music For Airports, mood music for shopping, even John Cage's infamous piece of silent music ... and now we've got this"

Liverpool Daily Post, Tuesday 19th February 2008

Interview, Wirral Buzz, Tuesday 19th February 2008

Feature, ITV Granada Tonight, Tuesday 19th February 2008

Feature, Cheshire Life (forthcoming)

Feature, Merseytravel website

26.2.08 Podcast feature, DefNet Media & Art In Liverpool

This CD is covered by an MCPS Limited Manufacture Licence