Soundworks, ICA, 19 June - 16 September 2012

The sounds of ideas forming (MP3, 22.5mb, 20 minutes)

Selections from seven CDs curated by Alan Dunn featuring new works by art students from Leeds Metropolitan University alongside negotiated archival material and artists' content. 'Soundtrack for a Mersey Tunnel' (2008) was given away on the 433 tunnel bus and featured the sounds of Cage's silences alongside post-clubbing underwater Vespa journeys; 'Music for the Williamson Tunnels' extended the single drip of water as a binary unit from which compositions are built, 'Artists' uses of the word revolution' explored phonetics, 'Grey is the colour of hope' and 'A history of background' stripped artworks back down to the bone, 'Soundtrack to a catastrophic world' captured moments of collapse and erosion and 'Adventures in numb4rland' wove a thread through culture around the number 4.

Tracks featured:

Pavel Büchler & Matt Wand - à la Cage

Valerie Vivancos aka Ocean Viva Silver - minimerseytunnel

Scanner - Drips

Jeff Young & Alan Dunn - Chapter V (parachutes)

Ben Parry & Tom Rae Smith - The last drop at the edge of the world

Jem Finer - Water and birds #1

Douglas Gordon - +44 7966 450 969

Foreign Investment - The morning after a revolution

Peter Suchin - All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning

Antitedax - Revolucionate

AD&THEFILMTAXI - Shave to grey

Chris Watson - Longshore Drift

Hannah Dargavel-Leafe - Kitchen trio

Anthony Kelly & David Stalling - Saturday night

Unknown - recording from deep space

Wolff Cubb - 444am (the morning sun burns our eyes)

Michelangelo Antonioni - Excerpt from Il deserto rosso (Red Desert)

Nicky Hamer - Wakey Wakey (fast)

The Residents - Forty-four no more

Claire Potter - 4 poems for 3:AM - Mark

Trixie & The Merch Girls - Four two four

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