On these pages you will find audio and video files that accompany articles developed for Stimulus Respond by Alan Dunn and Ben Parry.

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Stimulus Respond | Chaos December 2011

In the Chaos issue, artists' group Foreign Investment reflect upon fifteen years of working with gold in projects in Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Manchester, Deptford and Istanbul. These audio excerpts are from their Tuning-In Op.3 commissioned as part of City in transition during Liverpool's major urban development upheaval in 2006. Foreign Investment collaborated with local street musicians to perform for building site workers, read out megaphoned manifestos on land ownership outside half-finished buildings and toured the streets in a horse and cart performing some of the city's favourite busking songs.

all the lonely people   brigitte   claudia   commons

electricity   industrial liverpool home   road drill   underground

Artist Chris Watson selects three photographs from his extensive travels to chat with Alan Dunn about perspectives, horizons, timelines and temporal resolution. These three audio excerpts were recorded by Chris at the Kalahari Desert, South Pole and above the Pacific Ocean.

90 degrees South   Pacific Ocean   Kalahari Desert

Artist Jamie Reid's audio suggestion to accompany the article was any piece of music by Charlie Mingus and here we include the opening speech from Jamie's Ragged Kingdom exhibition in July 2011 by celebrated Navajo artist and educator Dennis Lee Rogers (pictured).

Dennis Lee Rogers

Stimulus Respond | Captive March 2012

In the Captive issue, Alan Dunn interviews Ailís Ní Ríain about her work Taken at Clitheroe Castle Keep, Lancashire, in the north west of England. During the 400th anniversary of the Lancashire Witches being held in captivity, the work takes the notion that sounds never fade to create a haunting four-seasons long evocation of isolation and persecution, inviting locals to hum songs of relevance and depth. Below are excerpts from the original composition.

Taken 1   Taken 2   Taken 3

Artist Bill Drummond's Curfew Tower in County Antrim has been host to artists' residencies since 1999. This year, Liverpool's Static Gallery are curating the residency programme after condemning all previous artworks to the Tower dungeons. Alan Dunn stayed in the Tower to create new audio works at Static's invitation and below is the first one produced alongside a track nominated by Paul Sullivan. See here for further information.

Alan Dunn sings Douglas Gordon singing Bas Jan Ader singing The Velvet Underground singing Chris Watson singing Alec Finlay singing Clive Powell singing Maria Jardardottir singing Paul McCartney singing Susan Philipsz singing Denny Laine singing Zippy singing Radiohead singing Pogue Mahones singing Uncle Rab singing Ailís Ní Ríain singing Pendle Witches singing Paul Sullivan singing Bill Drummond singing 45

Radiohead 'fitter happier'

Ben Parry chats with Tushar Jaag, an artist occupying territories between activism, public art and intervention. See Unicell Projects and Riding Rocinante. Audio to follow.

Stimulus Respond | Omen September 2012

In the Omen issue, Alan Dunn interviews Bigert & Bergstrom about The Last Calendar, commissioned by Cabinet Magazine, that explores a series of 'mancies' through a 2012 calendar. Their accompanying sound file was recorded in Columbia, Missouri, in 2011 during the tornado season.

Tornado Siren

Alan Dunn interviews Suzanne Treister on her 20 CIA BLACK SITES series, accompanied here by the 2012 feature on Suzanne's exhibition at HMKV, Dortmund.

Hexen 2.0

Stimulus Respond | Wonder February 2014

In the Wonder issue, Alan Dunn interviews Jeff Young about two recent live works. Footage of don't play! ouija is here:

don't play! ouija

Part 3 of Sputnik Jesus is here:

Sputnik Jesus

Alan Dunn interviews Claire Potter also on three recent live works. Footage of … nonetheless bears witness is here:

… nonetheless bears witness

Footage of Performance with Sam Keogh is here:

Performance with Sam Keogh

Ben Parry reflects on the work of Tatzu Nishi, see here for the artist's website.

Stimulus Respond | Africa October 2014

In the Africa issue, Alan Dunn presents an overview of the work of Radio Continental Drift aka Claudia Wegener. Below is the key track mentioned in the text:

Radio Armed Response

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