Süden Radio, curated by Radio Papesse, 26th August - 8th September 2013.

The South of ideas forming (mp3, 13.2mb, 11'00") featuring the only eight sound files from The sounds of ideas forming to be recorded south of the equator:

Chris Watson Deep voices, recorded off the coast of The Galápagos Islands
Andrea Polli Cape Royds, an Adelie penguin rookery, recorded at The Dry Valleys (77°30?S 163°00?E) on the shore of McMurdo Sound, 3,500 km due south of New Zealand and the geographic South Pole (90°00?S)
Andrea Polli I don't have the data (excerpt)
Andrea Polli No boundaries
Yunyu Error 404, recorded in New South Wales
Claudia Wegener Round the fountain, recorded in Johannesburg
David Harrison Lost tongues, recordings of the Yimas people in Papua New Guinea, speaking in the highly endangered Karim language, the copyright is retained by the Yimas people
Chris Watson 90 Degrees South, recorded in Antarctica

The South of ideas forming, introduced on Süden Radio (mp3, 999kb, 1'18")