The Anthropocene defines the earth's most recent geological time period as being human-influenced. No longer a quiet drama, human interference is fundamentally altering all life on the planet. Faced with the enormity of the recent global crises, how do we as individuals make a difference?

This project by Bath Spa University MA Curatorial Practice students and artist Alan Dunn invites people to look more closely at their immediate surrounds to generate and share lifestyle changes and offer simple solutions to combat environmental problems.

Curated and co-ordinated by Alison Hoare and Lucy Pidgeon with support from Alan Dunn, Ben Parry and MA Curating Practice students.

Words from Shubhani Sharma, Jane French, Kerry Curtis, Tamsin Egan, Rachel Jones, S.J. Buckley (soundtrack) and anonymous contributors.

For further details see Eco Curating.