VERMIN kind of emerged from nowhere, from hours of studio pottering and playing and the Instagram project The sounds of ideas forming, volume 2, especially during lockdown. I wanted to see record sleeve designs afresh, to remove elements to reveal some hidden truths and to peel back layers to maybe excavate some of the designer's original thinking and subtle messages before it all got filtered through other suggestions and opinions (surely even the Sex Pistols too?). In this case, Jamie Reid who we featured in the CHAOS issue of Stimulus Respond back in 2011. Do we think Jamie ever saw VERMIN?

Removing letters from NEVER MIND THE BOLLOCKS (title attributed to Steve Jones) gives us VERMIN which seems to be pretty much how Britain viewed the Sex Pistols. Pretty simple idea, pretty vacant. Pretty vacantaudio065.

So, I'll give you a VERMIN print in exchange not for filthy lucre nor chaos, but for your unwanted vinyl - singles, EPs, 10", 12", flexidiscs, boxsets or LPs. We'll meet or arrange a drop-off and you can become a member of THE VERMIN CLUB.

With thanks as always to Tom and Adam in Digital Print

Member 001 - Ross Sinclair

Member 002 - Tom Cullen

Member 003 - Sam Muggeridge

Member 004 - Erin Caine

Member 005 - Bruce Davies

Member 006 - Kevin Salt