A sporadic series of first person writings on art education, community art and using curatorial methods, August 2015

Volume 1 Up the hill backwards, Glasgow School of Art First Year, 1985-86

Volume 2 Learning to be silent, Glasgow School of Art Environmental Art, 1986-89

Volume 3 Growing up in Public Art: Chicago and Bellgrove, Glasgow School of Art MFA, 1989-91

Volume 4 In the field part 1 (Squirrels, Horses and Loch Ness Monster), Community Art, Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Derby, 1992-4

Volume 5 In the field part 2 (Pizzas, RAY + JULIE and Euro’96), Community Art, Liverpool, 1995-6

Volume 6 In the field part 3 (The Raffles Years: Mannequins, John Peel and The Big Issue), Community Art, Carlisle, Liverpool, 1996-9

Volume 7 In the field part 4 (Fireworks and The Great North Run), Community Art, Newcastle, 2000-1

Volume 8i Death and Rio and the room starts to spin: tenantspin, Liverpool, 2001-2

Volume 8ii Surviving FACT, Odessa and the last cigarette: tenantspin, Liverpool, 2003-4

Volume 8iii Old School - A Winter's Tale, Sunday Matinee & EAST: tenantspin, Liverpool, 2005

Volume 8iv The spinning stops: Pretty Vacant, Liverpool A-Z and Obscurer: tenantspin, Liverpool, 2006

Volume 8v The spinning stops: Bold Street and DADOPTION: tenantspin, Liverpool, 2007

Volume 9 When Leeds Poly Met Beckett, 2007-date

Volume 10 The sounds of ideas forming: the relationship between sound art and the everyday, PhD, 2008-14