Playlist from Artists' uses of the word revolution for Dominique Balaÿ's webSYNradio project from 16 February - 1 March 2012.

Original text by Derek Horton included with CD.

With thanks to Valerie Vivancos.

1. DJ Food: 'Raiding the 20th century' excerpt featuring The Beatles' 'Revolution 9' c/o ubuweb

2. Douglas Gordon '+44 7966 450 969'

3. Collin Ludlow-Mattson and the Folks 'Revolution is money'

4. Marcel Duchamp on revolution, from an interview with Richard Hamilton first broadcast on 'Art, Anti-Art', BBC Radio 1959 c/o ubuweb

5. Eleventh Sun 'Revolution'

6. Peter Suchin 'All at once, there on the track, a soft rain of words, turning, turning'

7. Aidan Winterburn 'Chartist Broadside 1841'

8. Jeff Young 'Hungary, 1956'

9. Aldous Huxley 'The Ultimate Revolution' excerpt 1962

10. Unknown 'It's revolution!' from the LP 'The bathrooms are coming', American Standard 1969

11. Rich Rath 'The revolution will not be on the Internet'

12. Sarah Jones interview about 'Your revolution'

13. Marcel Journet 'La Marseillaise' excerpt 1912

14. Marion Harrison '68 Collage'

15. Warsaw Poland Bros 'Revolution'

16. Mark Whitford 'revolution mw 2.44khz'

17. Pekatralatak 'Revolution'

18. Samantha Wass 'Information revolution'

19. David Jacques and Adrian Bailey 'Revvin' up with the Critical Mass'

20. Antitedax 'Revoluciónate'

21. Anonymous 'First line of Lux Interior's Obituary' The Guardian 2009

22. Foreign Investment 'The morning after a revolution'

23. The Civil Servants 'Pivot Point'