d a t a d r o w n i n g

d a t a d r o w n i n g is a new audio work for 'Adventures in Winstopia' curated by Roger McKinley and Michael Barnes-Wynters (creator of video below accompanying the audio).

'Data Drowning' foresees a future in which areas around Cheshire and Liverpool are inflated so far by non-ESG developers that the underground systems simply burst and flood, digitally drowning all the data stored down there (including the NHS data of the artist).

As the data swirls down anti-clockwise, it sucks up accompanying sounds it recognises – ‘Drip Music’ by George Brecht that is played both forwards and backwards, ‘Water Music’ by John Cage, ‘Rain Delay’ by Pauline Oliveros’ Deep Listening Band, ‘Rain’ by Jack Roberts, Martin Heslop & Jeff Young and other tracks that have previously appeared on compilations put together by Alan Dunn, including ‘Conversations with the Anthony Burgess cassette archive’, ‘Soundtrack for a Mersey Tunnel’, ‘Music for the Williamson Tunnels’ and ‘Adventures in Numb4rland’.