Painted from memory 1: Alan Dunn, Superchannel Programme Manager, FACT


Friday 13th August 2004, 1.35pm, Buckingham House tenantsí flat, Sefton

Park, Liverpool. We are in the process of re-embedding tenantspin in a

community context again after four years spent in the buildings of a

landlord and art agency. We are only on the second floor but crucially

there are thirteen floors above us.


The show is going live from Buckingham but, due to an unauthorised dispute

between two contractors, we are unable to send the signal from the room.

Despite this, the flat is packed with around 14 tenants. The show must go

on. The afternoon begins with a discussion between tenants and new

landlords Arena Housing. Thereafter, a live review of the film I ROBOT and

related thoughts on cloning and animatronics. This is chaired by Eddie



Part 3 moves onto the theme of high-rise dreams. There are disagreements

and revelations, shared stories and opinions. Tenants film and monitor the

audio levels while others discuss memory rather than memories. tenantspin

has never been nostalgic nor a purely reminiscence project. By exploring

the idea of memory rather than memories themselves, the project illustrates

how far it has brought and been brought by this community of



tenantspin set out to bind and link a community but inadvertently became

the maker of a new community. It set out to become a political hammer but

is, in the words of a tenant, like a boxing glove with a muffler.

Remarkably it has retained involvement from some tenants from 2000 through

to the present day and is, at the time of writing, shooting off into an

exciting and unknown future, taking a whole bunch of interesting people

with it.