Artist Rutherford Chang is buying up every copy of The White Album he can find - I buy every copy of NO PARLEZ I spot (as long as they're under £4); it's my Charity Shop Cover Version. Did they simply print too many copies of NO PARLEZ? They are everywhere.

ZERO PLAN is abolutely the best title for this zine, the best anagram of NO PARLEZ I could come up with. The latest issue is freshly available in highly limited print option (only 30 copies made) or digital download - see below to buy, with Special Offer. The print version is signed, numbered, 16p, full-colour, 170x250mm on 55gsm improved stock and beautifully made by our friends at NewspaperClub in Glasgow. The digital version provides a Dropbox link to a high quality download. In true zine fashion, all proceeds go towards the next Issue (submissions welcome for consideration, email here)

Issue Nine focuses on Ku-Ku Kurama through the lens of Revolution 9, featuring two exclusive digital prints by Jean McEwan. The fragmented issue skips between other characters inside NO PARLEZ, including Dagmar Krause, and picks up on John Peel's take on PY, links to Factory Records and The Alarm. It's messy, full of holes and stickers, cut tape and an ever-increasing pink blob of no meaning.

Let's just see where it all goes ...

This is cantaudio060. Click here for Issue One, here for Issue Two, here for Issue Three, here for Issue Four, here for Issue Five, here for Issue Six, here for Issue Seven and here for Issue Eight.